Summer Baptism Party

At Reach, we love baptisms. They are proof that God is working in and through us in a profound way, and the only appropriate response to people getting baptized is celebrating with a party. You’re invited to the third annual Summer Baptism Party as we celebrate those who will be declaring their commitment to Jesus. Expect great food, music, lawn games, and swimming!

The party will be at Peter Kirk Pool on September 2nd from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Should you get baptized?

The symbolism of baptism is a beautiful summary of the Christian life. As we go under the water, we identify ourselves with the death Jesus died on our behalf for our sins on the cross. As we emerge from the water, we identify ourselves with Christ’s resurrection, and our rising to new life in Jesus.


There are two groups of people whom we encourage to sign up for baptism.

  1. Those who have recently put their faith in Jesus for the first time.
  2. Those who have been Christians for a while, but have never taken the important step of obedience to publicly share what Christ has done for them through baptism.

Baptism Class: Sunday, August 27th, 11am at LWHS

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