The hope we have is found in Jesus. These are our stories.

Sacrifice of Praise

Zach has wrestled with anxiety and depression his whole life. For him, worship isn’t the songs he leads on Sunday, it’s a lifestyle of surrender.

Joy + Sorrow

Jon and Jenny lost their daughter at 37 weeks pregnant. In the wake of tragedy, their faith was shaken and God still proved good.

A Safe Place

Sierra was born hooked on cocaine and raised in an abusive environment, but when she met Christ, her story became one that far surpassed statistics.

Church Planting Q + A: Why Help Plant a Church?

In the span of their time at Reach, Joel and Lindsey have undergone some incredible life changes. From singleness to newlyweds to parenthood, they share how being a part of a church plant transformed their idea of community.

Church Planting Roots | Sean & Kara Gasperetti – Part 2

Sean and Kara are among the first church planters at Reach. In “Roots: Part 2,” they share their personal struggle with infertility and how the painful process prepared them for church planting in ways they couldn’t have manufactured themselves.

Showing Up: A Serving Story

Brett, Josh and Devon are just three of the many that sacrificially serve the church every week. In this story, they explain how serving isn’t just an activity; it is love in action.

Church Planting Roots | Sean Gasperetti – Part 1

Sean and his family are among the first church planters at Reach. In “Roots: Part 1,” Sean shares his story about deciding to plant, the process of beginning an unfamiliar endeavor, and what he’s most excited about for this new church.

The Homework Mission

Three women decided to lead a homework club in a low-income area of their neighborhood. Their mission was simple: show up as often as possible.

Come to the Table

Kaisa grew up a pastor’s daughter–but as an adult she found the church feeling less and less like home. It took a communion sabbatical to realign her heart with the gift of Jesus’ radical grace.

The Gift of Suffering

Jeremy didn’t believe in God—until he almost lost the person he loved most, three times. In suffering he found an incredible truth about the loving heart of God.

Making All Things New

“Making All Things New” is a three-part story series, written in novel style, about how Sam’s life went from ruins to restoration.

The Weight of Worry

For as long as Kendra could remember, anxiety ruled her. However, when she found that worship outweighed worry everything changed.

Every Thought Captive

Stephen felt trapped by his own lust, but God pursued his heart and offered a grace-soaked path towards sexual sobriety.

Hope for the Dark Days

Denae has struggled with depression since adolescence, but it wasn’t until she attempted to take her own life that her journey back to joy began.

No Shame

Lindsey’s story is not one of rape and abuse; it is a story of conquering the lie of shame and embracing the freedom found in Christ.

Walking by Faith

A tragic accident left Joel in a coma for 23 days. With more questions than answers, his wife Annika never stopped believing in a God that was good.

Survival Mode

When Spencer first discovered his mother had cancer he was only 10 years old. Since then his mom has been diagnosed with three different types of cancers. Despite harsh reality, Spencer found God’s faithfulness to be proven over and over again.

The Little King

Through the visualization of a sketch artist, Josh explains how adoption into the kingdom of God looks more like embracing the mess we create than trying to prop ourselves up.

No Place Too Far

For as long as Amanda can remember, her uncle Danny has been a drug addict and an alcoholic struggling with homelessness. One Sunday, a call to action changed the trajectory of her uncle’s addiction and gave Amanda’s family renewed hope.

crawling forward jake campbell

Crawling Forward

In a culture that tells Christians we have to do more to have purpose, Jake offers a gospel-centered perspective on what it means to live on mission.


Faceplants for God

Kindal has three little kids. Life is busy. But even so, she pursued a serving opportunity that provided much more than meeting a neighbor’s need.

God's Grace

God’s Grace

Jason and Stephanie didn’t know how they could help a family who’d been dealt a really tough hand, but God worked some modern-day miracles and brought them along for the beautiful ride.

How Small I Am, How Big He Is

How Small I Am

Throughout her life Amy defined herself by what she did. But once motherhood came on the scene she realized that defining yourself by what you do, wasn’t enough.

Owen Have A Need - School Ties

School Ties

Growing up in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Owen knew from an early age that money for college would be scarce. When his parents divorced in sixth grade, the… read more →


The Trouble With My Heart

The door swung open and a small, excitable puppy bounded out. “I’m so sorry,” Kerry half-laughed, half-apologized. “Come on in.” Walking past finger-paintings in the entryway, the kitchen was already… read more →

Jason Story Even Good Kids Need God

Even Good Kids Need God

Jason grew up as a kid who didn’t party and did his homework. He thought he was doing pretty well. A trip overseas changed all of that.

Margaret Story Heart Matters

Heart Matters

In the course of one year, Margaret found herself in the ER more times than ever before. But instead of doubting that there was a plan, she waited for God to show up–and he did.

God & Grief

Krista met Jesus as a young adult. Years later, the unexpected death of her sister would change her capacity as a Christian.

David story A Fuller Love

A Fuller Love

David wasn’t raised in a Christian home, and yet hearing about God’s love at a youth event changed the entire course of his life.


I Would Be a Slave to Sin

Nick Shafto is the Youth Lead at Reach. He met Jesus and his wife at a Bible study he assumed would be boring. Turns out, it wasn’t.

There are No Mistakes with God

I’ve been laid off twice in the past year and half. I’ve had multiple jobs to support my living expenses and have been giving joyfully in those times of struggle.… read more →

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