Serve the City

Why do we serve the city?

We serve the city because of the Gospel. When we look at Jesus’ ministry, we see him going to the people, teaching the people and serving the people. We are being sent by Christ as His missionaries, to love, teach and care for our city.

Serving is an opportunity to respond to God’s grace by loving our neighbors. Serving with your Group, friends and family is a great way to create a stronger community.

How do we serve our city?


Groups practice an outward posture together that focuses on being a part of God’s mission. We identify opportunities to connect with our neighbors, serve our communities, and show compassion for those in need.

Generosity Projects

Reach facilitates serving events to help expose people to the needs that are in our cities. We hope for people to become involved and invest in their communities through events such as church-wide drives such as supplies for back-to-school, presents around Christmas time and many more.


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