Grow. Lead. Invest.

Being an intern at Reach is where college students, recent high school grads, and young adults can find a place to grow in Jesus, lead in a meaningful way and both invest in community and be invested in.

Grow – Interns are first led and challenged to grow as disciples of Jesus. The goal of the Reach internship experience to lead people into deeper relationship with Jesus and help them to continue to make their faith more of their own. Interns are also given an opportunity to grow in community, the ways they lead and even grow different skills and abilities.
Lead – Interns are encouraged and challenged to lead in new and challenging ways that could lead them to a future of leading teams, people, ministries and more. We believe, hope, and pray the we will see interns from Reach be future leaders in our church and leaders in wherever God takes them in life, career and ministry.
Invest – The Reach internship program is a three fold investment – 1. Interning is a way to invest in yourself as you grow and learn as both a disciple and a leader. 2. Invest in the community as a whole with the whole Reach family, the intern team and a specific community within the church. 3. Lastly, be invested in by leaders within the church.


  • Attend Reach Staff meetings.
  • Serve in a specific area throughout the week.
  • Serve on Sundays.
  • Meet with the leader of the team you serve with (1-2x a month).
  • Attend intern specific events, trainings or meetings (monthly).
  • Be in community through College Group or another Group.


Time – As an interns are expected to serve roughly 10 hours a week. There will certainly be some flexibility with schedules but the minimum hourly commitment and serving on Sundays must be met.
Character – Interns are expected to be leaders in character, carrying themselves in accordance to all expectations and commitments that we hold all church leaders and staff to.
Season – Applications for interns are open at two points of the year, summer and fall. Summer internships start in May/June (depending on availability) and continue through August/September. Fall internships begin in August/September and run typically the length of the school year (August/September to May/June). If you are interested in interning for a shorter season such as just a semester or a few months, contact us and we may be able to accomodate.


There are various opportunities for interns at Reach. Each intern will have a specific role within a team that they will work with. We believe this helps build strong teams, gives people a close group to work with and provides opportunities for people to continue serving with the team after interning (if they choose to do so).

Fall 2017 Internship Opporunities
Reach Kids
Reach Kids Worship
Media Team Intern
Midweek Operations (Fall Semester Only)

Still have questions about interning? Or want more details about one of the internship opportunities? Check out our F.A.Q. and if you still have questions email us your question.


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