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At Reach we love youth! Reach Youth is a place for middle schoolers and high schoolers to feel like part of the family and find a place where they can grow in relationship, both with God and others.

Reach Youth Has 3 Main Focuses:


The Gospel

Teaching Jesus and His Gospel is the main goal of Reach Youth. We strive to love and serve each student by helping them understand the gospel, their identity in Jesus and His story. This is done through bible study, youth gatherings and DNA.

Have Fun

Reach Youth is committed to having fun! Whether its an event or a gathering, we want to enjoy each and everything we do. Jesus created fun and we desire to be an extension of that.


Build Community + Friendships

Jesus built community everywhere He went. We strive and are joyfully committed to doing the same. We want to provide a safe place where students and leaders can connect with one another.

Reach Youth meets Wednesday nights

Kirkland Teen Center

348 Kirkland Ave
Kirkland, WA 98033
7 – 8:30pm

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reach youth

upcoming events and dates

    • June 30 Middle School (Elevated Sportz Trampoline)
    • June 30 High School (Bonfire)
    • July 29 Family BBQ (Juanita Beach Park)
    • August 19 Wild Waves

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