2017 Annual Report

Reach Family, I’m thankful to have a living measuring stick for our community under my roof — his name is Banner, he’s my third son, and he was born six… read more →

Thoughts in the wake of Charlottesville

Last weekend another horrific moment in what seems like a never-ending string of tragic events took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Death, violence, hatred, and racism stood center stage — it… read more →

Risen Hope: A Blog from Jeremy Patenaude

A few Sundays ago, Jeremy preached one of his last sermons from the Reach Kirkland pulpit. I was left in my seat with tears streaming down my face. He had… read more →

Nagpur Safe Home

Take a look at what God can do with a small group of people learning to live sacrificially. Two years ago, God compelled the 250 people of Reach to fund the… read more →

Our Hope, His Story

Our Hope, His Story is Reach’s year-long journey into the story of God. In it we approach the Bible as a 6-act play that centers on Jesus and answers the… read more →

Trinitarian Prayer Rhythms

The idea of communing with God has been a rhythm of God’s people since day one. We call it prayer, and prayer is the posture and practice of the reliant.… read more →

Planting Churches “City to City”

There are so many exciting things happening this fall at Reach that it can be hard to keep track of them all. One incredible development that we don’t want to… read more →

Psalm Stories – Pt. 2

The power of story in the way we read and process the Psalms is undeniable. As we wrap up our sermon series in Psalms this Sunday, take a moment to… read more →

Psalm Stories – Pt. 1

Stories from The Psalms The Psalms are prayers that guide us through the peaks and valleys of life. The power of story in the way we read and process the… read more →

A Summer In Psalms:

Reading Plan

Follow along in the Reach App or print off the plan PURPOSE This plan will take you through the entire Book of Psalms over the course of the summer, while… read more →

Everyday Discipleship Pt. 2

JESUS ALONG THE WAY A few years ago I committed to slowly read through the Gospel of Luke. The ideas I took away from a year with Jesus still influence… read more →

An Update from Our Mission Partners

Our mission partners in Southeast Asia have some updates for us: Dear friends, We can’t believe it is May already! Where does the time go? We are full swing into… read more →

Everyday Discipleship Pt. 1

Disciple is a word you’ve likely heard while reading your Bible or at a Sunday church gathering. But what exactly does the word mean? Broadly speaking, a disciple is simply… read more →

Palm Sunday Reflection

JESUS’ TIME IS AT HAND. On this day, as but one of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Passover pilgrims coming into the city, Jesus fulfills manifold prophecies as He officially… read more →

The Table, Pt. 3

A few years ago I committed to slowly read through the Gospel of Luke. The ideas I took away from a year with Jesus still influence how I think about… read more →

Prayer Thought

Kingdom Come – A Prayer Thought for 2/3

I grew up in the same house in suburban Houston for the entirety of my childhood. From my first day of kindergarten all the way through high school graduation, I… read more →

Kingdom Come: A Call to Prayer

3 years ago we planted a church. We wanted to make Jesus our foundation, so we started a verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of Mark — it lasted 2 years.… read more →

The Table Pt. 2

The Table In the first post of this series we briefly looked at how each of us are wired with a natural desire for a people, a place and a… read more →

The Table

The Table Pt. 1

Broken I’m sitting in a cafe in Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle. And as I sit here and sip my flat white, I do what I often do when… read more →

DNA Groups

What Are DNAs?

As I meet with different people each week, it becomes more and more obvious that we all want the same thing — to know God and to be known. Our… read more →

Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust?

When I say “trust”, do you think finances or relationship? There is a reason why people put their money in a trust fund. Money is valuable to them and they… read more →

Advent Reflection 2015

3 Questions For Advent Reflection

Over the next 10 days people all around our region and country will be slowing down to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. This is one of my favorite… read more →

The Breaking Point

I Know My Limits

Why do we love a good story? I would argue the reason we love stories is a result of a God-given hunger placed in our hearts for His story. We… read more →

Suburban Need

The Suburban Need

I’m currently sitting on a couch in a suburban neighborhood called Bridle Trails. It’s beautiful — lots of tall pine trees, blackberry bushes, apple trees and even some small vineyards.… read more →

Be Known: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Be Known: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I’m sitting in a cafe in the center of downtown Kirkland on a Wednesday afternoon. I have a window seat, which means I get to people watch, but most of… read more →

serve the city

A Serve the City Story

Cambria shares a story of how Reach was able to provide for someone in need.

Raising Courageous Kids

Raising Courageous Kids

I framed this C.S. Lewis quote where my kids see it everyday: “Since it is so likely that children will face cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of… read more →

Family Entrance

Starting this Sunday, September 6th, we will be adding a family entrance for a more streamlined check-in and child drop off. This entrance, which is the High School’s main entrance,… read more →

National Night Out

My wife and I met all our neighbors on National Night Out and all it took were some burgers and an ironing board. When we moved from Houston to Seattle… read more →

foster adopt

The Good News About Adoption and Foster Care

This is for you. Trust me. Don’t let the “A”-word (or heaven forbid the “F”-word) scare you away. Don’t write this off as irrelevant. (Hear me: college student, empty nester,… read more →

Dont Waste the Superbowl

Don’t Waste the Superbowl

One of the biggest days in Seattle Sports history is upon us, and to say our city is buzzing would be an understatement. Our Seahawks have an incredible opportunity before… read more →

Mark 13. Wait, What?

Wars. Earthquakes. Famine. Persecution. Betrayal. Suffering. Clouds. Angels. Fig leaves. Keep awake. Wait, what? Mark 13 is infamous for its ability to frighten, disturb, and confuse even the most devout… read more →

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