Adoption and Foster Care

This is for you. Trust me. Don’t let the “A”-word (or heaven forbid the “F”-word) scare you away. Don’t write this off as irrelevant. (Hear me: college student, empty nester, young professional, retiree, new parent…) When we talk about adoption and foster care, people often tune out. Either orphan care doesn’t seem applicable or it’s not something we feel “called” to. And certainly one must feel called to something so complex and challenging…

Why is it, that so often with orphan care we assume a posture of inaction unless we feel called to it? What if we approached orphan care differently, assuming we all WILL do it, unless we are called AWAY from it? And here’s the kicker; the trump card: We all are called to orphan care. (See James 1:27, from a section aptly titled “Listening and Doing.”) Now before I lose you let me clarify—not everyone is meant to be a foster or adoptive parent. In fact, if 2 families in each church in Washington welcomed a foster child, all of the children in our state’s foster system would have a home. Doesn’t that sound doable?

I recognize that orphan care—particularly foster care and adoption—can be messy and complicated. Right now, for many of us, I think it mostly feels foreign. But what would it look like to be a community where fostered and adopted children are an expected and integral part of our church body? To be a community where we know and meet the needs of foster families and adoption agencies? To be a community of advocates for the fatherless?

Click here to read more from our own Maren Vallerand on our heart for adoption and foster care at Reach.

Upcoming Events

Foster Parents Night Out

November 11th, 4pm-7pm at Newport Covenant Church

The Reach Orphan Care Team is hosting a date night for foster, adoptive, & safe families on November 11th. The team will provide childcare, including activities and dinner, for a few hours so parents/guardians can have a date night, do some Christmas shopping, or just have a few hours of respite.


Adoption Info Meeting

November 12th, 11am at LWHS

Come hear from local agencies about the adoption process, including international and infant adoption, as well as foster to adopt. Friends welcome!

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